In the ancient times, the old sorcerers forged two magical items to rule the world: The Amulet of Light, and the Amulet of Time. Because of their unlimited power, a secret society was created to protect the amulets from lesser minds. It was called “The Order”.

Legend says that over time, through many wars and conquests, the Amulet of Light was destroyed. So in hopes to protect the Amulet of Time, it was hidden in a room, deep inside Rousseau’s Castle.

Sir Rousseau, the eldest of the members of the Order, has devised a series of puzzles so that only the worthy few who can solve the room in time, shall earn the right to use the magical Amulet.


NOTE: This is a live action game and some basic physical ability is required. If this is a concern, please call for details prior to booking.

Best Escape Room Denver

If you Google Search the phrase “Best Escape Room In Denver” you will get a lot of information. You will get links to local Denver Escape Rooms, You Tube videos and articles talking about the different Escape Rooms in Denver metro area. However, you will soon find that almost all Denver Escape Rooms have great reviews, and finding the good ones is not easy. The “Top 10” lists we found seemed very at random and did not necessarily reflect the reality.

So before moving on, let’s talk about what makes an escape room good. While it can be argued that the best rooms are the ones that are the most fun, there are certainly other factors. One factor considered by many is how automated an escape room is. Everyone can throw together a bunch of puzzles and pad locks but Mystic Escape Room takes it to the next level. At Mystic Escape Room Denver, we believe the best measure is the level of immersion that a player can experience. If you walk away feeling like you were transported to another world, we would say that was a Great Escape Room. Denver has many such experiences, but as to which one is the Best Escape Room in Denver – well that will have to be up to you.

So come on over. Treat yourself and your group to an amazing escape adventure, and you will see why the reviews are so high. Every one has a great time, and whether you decide that this is something you are into it or not, you will certainly have an amazing time at Mystic Escape Room!